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Technology Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Technology Management - Essay Example I have discussed various strategies and techniques that can be used to improve the management of technology in a business organization and their impact. Each strategy is given a specific time which if accurately followed will produce some projected results. Technology Management The role of technology in the production industry can never be overlooked. It is clear that the more the use of advanced technology in the industry the better the results. However, the use of technology must be managed appropriately to ensure that it has been used efficiently and that the technology meets the expected results. Hence it is good for a business organization that incorporates technology in production to consider proper management of technology to increase profits and avoid losses. There are several issues of concern that are practices of poor technology management. One of them is having a weak internal technical support (Treat, 2011). Often the technical support is given to the computer experts w ho perform the work in addition to their regular job responsibilities. This causes the expert not to give their full attention to this work and this leads to poor performance. Another aspect is the keeping of older technology for too long. Old methods of technology in production need a lot of repair and fail often. This leads to a high business downtime, where the systems of production are rarely available (Bidgoli, 2010). This means that production time is wasted during repair hence reducing production. Older technology also work slowly and inefficiently hence does less work compared to use of up to date technology. Hence we can conclude that keeping older technology for too long is a poor practice that heavily costs productions. One more issue concerning poor technology management is lack of proper training to the employees (Tesar et al. 2004). Proper understanding of a computer system to the employee will enable them to easily perform the expected operations. When new technology or application is introduced into the organization, proper training of the users is essential for increased productivity. Another very crucial aspect of management of technology is the lack keeping the current software licenses (Harrison & Samson, 2002). If a business organization fails to keep their software licenses current, they greatly miss out on critical software updates. This also hinders access to technical support that would expose the users to new ideas and features and this holds back people from being as productive as possible. There are several strategies and techniques that can be used to improve technology management. One of it is to keep the users well trained on all the operations of technology. Training should not be done only when the user in been introduced to the technology, but should be frequently done so as to perfect the users knowledge and expertise on the use of technology. Another very effective technique is to put in place a strong internal technical sup port team. This team should be completely dedicated to technical operations support and research and should not have any other responsibilities. This empowers the team to concentrate on the use of technology in the most efficient way to increase production. Use of a good data backup is critical in good technology management. This technique ensures regular data backup to all business related information. Good policies and tools to manage backup of information regularly should be established. This ensures that even if the

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Subordinate Group Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Subordinate Group - Coursework Example It was possible to move from the plantations to the urban areas, but they chose not to do so because, in urban areas, it was not possible to live with one’s family (Hurt, 3). According to records, it was after complete slavery of four generations, that is, in the twentieth century that a ray of hope appeared. By that time, the system of slavery started vanishing, and more and more slaves were getting freed. Though the economic condition was rather pathetic for them, my ancestors were quite happy with the fact that at last, they were being treated as citizens. Admittedly, most of the African American people were living in the Southern United States until that time. However, their economic condition was rather pathetic, and they had no access to schools. However, situations were changing though slowly. As they got freed from bonded labor, my great grandfathers started growing cotton in a rented piece of land. It was possible to pay the rent on the harvest. Thus, what they enjoyed was a much better life as compared to the previous centuries. However, social disparities were too big to ignore. All the laws were against the African Americans. They had to attend separate schools, use separate transportation system, and lodging. My father had his birth in the year 1920, and it was two years thereafter that my whole family shifted from the South to North. My father says there are various reasons that made such a movement the best option at that time. Firstly, the life in South was getting worse because of social oppression. All the laws introduced by the government were intended to increase the social segregation. Secondly, the cotton cultivation did not go profitable as expected as they had to pay excessive rents. So, my grandparents shifted from South to North where there was a better possibility of jobs in industries (Sammis, 52). My grandparents and my father became industrial workers on reaching North.