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Treating Your Sweet Tooth Free Essays

Abigail Young Mrs. Fight English III Compare/Contrast Essay (second draft) February 22, 2013 Treating Your Sweet Tooth The discussion about frozen yogurt versus solidified yogurt (froyo) is spreading out of control. Individuals taking a gander at the distinctions; what they don't know is the means by which they are additionally comparative. We will compose a custom paper test on Rewarding Your Sweet Tooth or on the other hand any comparative point just for you Request Now Frozen yogurt and solidified yogurt have the two similitudes and contrasts with regards to their history, fixings and sustenance. Before frozen yogurt was known as frozen yogurt, numerous antiquated developments served blends of ice (or snow from the mountains) with juices, milks, flavors and organic products. This turned into a significant delicacy around the globe, this delicacy before long got known as sorbet and was eaten by numerous individuals who could bear the cost of it. Before long, sorbet got known as frozen yogurt, which was acquainted with America by the Quaker homesteaders who carried their frozen yogurt plans with them as they moved to the United States. Subsequent to finding out about a delicacy that was like frozen yogurt, solidified yogurt was first acquainted with England and turned out to be to a greater extent a sensation. Solidified yogurt likewise being sweet and smooth yet contained less calories. The upper east, USA was acquainted with solidified yogurt in the 1970’s. In the 1980’s is when solidified yogurt truly took off, arriving at deals of $25 million out of 1986. In the mid 1990’s, solidified yogurt was 10% of the solidified treat showcase. (Wikipedia Encyclopedia) The primary fixing in frozen yogurt is, clearly, cream. Frozen yogurt contains over 10% milk fat and all the more then 20% milk solids. These days, one can discover low-fat frozen yogurts with a large portion of the fat. What's more, frozen yogurt contains sugars, emulsifiers, stabilizers, gelatin, high fructose corn syrup, flavorings, water, and air. Air gives frozen yogurt the volume. Dissimilar to frozen yogurt, solidified yogurt’s primary fixing is yogurt produced using milk. So much like frozen yogurt, solidified yogurt additionally contains milk solids, milk fats, sugars, yogurt culture, emulsifiers, stabilizers, gelatin, high fructose corn syrup, flavorings, water, and air. Air, much like frozen yogurt, gives solidified yogurt its volume. Moreover, ice crean and solidified yogurt are fundamentally the same as with regards to nourishment. Neither of them are very nutritous yet are both fulfilling to your sweet tooth. Albeit solidified yogurt is lighter in calories and fat, solidified yogurt is anything but a heathier choice to frozen yogurt. One should be brilliant with how much frozen yogurt he is eating. Likewise, one should watch what he is putting on his yogurt, making either the frozen yogurt or solidified yogurt less in fat, sugar and calories. Diverse from numerous points of view, frozen yogurt and solidified yogurt are both, obviously, heavenly. Albeit diverse in their history, fixings and their dietary benefit, one wouldn't like to eat a ton of both them. Both are adequate from time to time to appreciate. Step by step instructions to refer to Treating Your Sweet Tooth, Essay models

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Energy crisis Essay Example For Students

Vitality emergency Essay Late in the harvest time of 1973, vitality (or its absence) snatched features more than ever. It was not until the war between the Arab nations and Israel that the United States saw a sharp reduction in our oil supplies. This was because of the way that we the U.S. were providing helps and weapons to Israel. Middle Easterner, who created most of the universes oil, chose to rebuff us by removing our oil shipments. In November of that year, President Nixon showed up on live TV to educate the United States open about the emergency. He educated the individuals they would have the most urgent vitality lack since World War II. So as to moderate vitality there were a couple of crisis polies being implemented. These new guidelines were said to assist everybody with overcoming the deficiency, however they wound up having the contrary impact. A couple of the arrangements included bringing interstate speed restricts down to 55 miles for each hour in order to save gas. Additionally, production lines worked shorter moves and air travel time was cut by around 10 percent. During this time, youngsters were affected a ton. Nixon requested that timekeepers were not to be turned around an hour late as they as a rule were in October. Rather, the U.S. was to remain on summers light reserve funds time so as to moderate vitality. In this way, kids needed to go to class when it was as yet dim. A few youngsters conveyed with them spotlights. Christmas was an extremely dismal time in 1973. Individuals couldn't utilize Christmas lights or some other electronic improvements so as to spare vitality. The President reported that in view of the emergency, the lights of the national Christmas tree would not be turned on. Increment of costs made it difficult for families to purchase things and cover tabs. Interest for oil made difficulties for corner store proprietors too. There were long queues of vehicles winding for a significant distance, and anxious drivers beginning battles and once in a while shooting each other. Nixon recommended that the best answer for future difficulty is totally wipe out the utilization of remote oil. He recommended that Americans find different wellsprings of vitality alongside finding new oil saves in the United States. The President requested more focus on the utilization of coal and the improvement of other force sources, for example, sun based or atomic vitality. Clearly Nixons arrangement didn't help as the interest for oil got more prominent. With the expansion in innovation and manufacturing plants, elective types of vitality demonstrated to be more costly than initially suspected. In spite of the fact that the U.S. presently has a wide assortment of vitality sources, it is as yet a smart thought to preserve our vitality. History does rehash, and we never know when an unexpected lack may happen. Reference index:

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The Face Of Government - Discussion Unit 8 Example

The Face Of Government The Face Of Government The Face of Government At the focal point of social government assistance programs is a need to lessen neediness. Each key industrialized nation has set up certain projects intended to move some portion of the country’s GDP to the masses with an end goal to inspire the prosperity of people on the lower side of salary appropriation. While these projects were intended to diminish the destitution levels, the opposite has really occurred. There are three reasons why this might be happening.To start with, while these social government assistance programs were intended for poor people, its greater part really winds up with the upper and working classes (Crook 46). For instance, the greater part of tax reductions and move installments apportioned in 1991 wound up with people winning more than $30000. Furthermore, social government assistance programs have been known to cultivate dependence on the advantages instead of urge the individuals to work out of neediness (Friedman 125). The government assistance programs pay adequate add up to keep these individuals alive yet not to get them out of their condition.Third, on the off chance that you take a gander at the projects on the more extensive monetary point of view, social government assistance programs are known to subvert the country’s financial development. As indicated by the hypothesis of uniformity value tradeoff, higher dynamic tax assessment rates and expanded government benefits bring down the motivating force to work or contribute. This subverts the explanation they came to be in any case. Late advancements in the government managed savings and Medicare raise questions about the chance of the projects being there in the following barely any years. Instead of utilization government disability pay, Cost of living Adjustment dependent on Chained CPI implies disintegrating the Social Security Income is purchasing power that would be adverse to low pay workers. What's more, the proposition to broaden the age at which one beginnings procuring raises questions about the attainability of the projects later on. What's more, the government’s capacity to transmit the Social Security and Medicare Benefits has been put to question by its powerlessness to raise obligation ceiling.ConclusionThe future appears to be dreary for the standardized savings and Medicare programs. Passing by the present improvements in the administration circle most definitely, odds are they won't be there for long.Works citedFriedman, Milton. Allowed to Choose. New York, NY: Anchor, 1979. Print.Crook, Clive. The Future of the Medicare programs. New York: Penguin, 1997.Castles, Francis. Universes of Welfare and Families of Nations. Denver: MacMurray, 1993. Print.

LABOR IN AMERICA (2106 words) Essay Example For Students

Work IN AMERICA (2106 words) Essay Work IN AMERICABy Ira Peck(Scholastic Inc.)The Industrial Revolution was unfolding in the United States. At Lowell, Massachusetts,the development of a major cotton factory started in 1821. It was the first of a few that wouldbe worked there in the following 10 years. The apparatus to turn and mesh cotton into clothwould be driven by water power. All that the processing plant proprietors required was a dependablesupply of work to tend the machines. As most employments in cotton production lines required neither incredible quality nor extraordinary abilities, theowners figured ladies could accomplish the work just as or superior to men. In addition,they were progressively consistent. The New England locale was home to numerous youthful, singlefarm young ladies who may be enlisted. Yet, would harsh New England ranchers permit theirdaughters to work in plants? The extraordinary larger part of them would not. They believedthat at some point or another assembly line laborers would be misused and would sink into hopelesspoverty. Financial laws would compel them to work increasingly hard for less and lesspay. THE LOWELL EXPERIMENTHow, at that point, were the plant proprietors ready to enlist ranch young ladies as workers? They did itby fabricating better than average houses in which the young ladies could live. These houses were supervisedby more established ladies who ensured that the young ladies lived by severe good gauges. The girlswere urged to go to chapel, to peruse, to compose and to go to addresses. They savedpart of their profit to help their families at home or to utilize when they got hitched. The youthful assembly line laborers didn't procure high wages; the normal compensation was about $3.50a week. Be that as it may, in those occasions, about six eggs cost five pennies and an entire chicken cost15 pennies. The hours worked in the processing plants were long. For the most part, the young ladies worked 11 to13 hours daily, six days per week. Be that as it may, a great many people during the 1830s worked from sunrise untildusk, and homestead young ladies were accustomed to rising early and working until sleep time at nine oclock. The production line proprietors at Lowell accepted that machines would bring progress just as benefit. Laborers and business people would both profit by the riches made by large scale manufacturing. For some time, the manufacturing plant framework at Lowell worked well indeed. The number of inhabitants in the towngrew from 200 of every 1820 to 30,000 of every 1845. However, conditions in Lowells industrial facilities had alreadystarted to change. Confronted with developing rivalry, manufacturing plant proprietors started to decreasewages so as to bring down the costand the priceof completed items. They expanded the quantity of machines that every young lady needed to work. Likewise, theybegan to stuff the houses wherein the young ladies lived. At times eight young ladies needed to shareone room. In 1836, 1,500 plant young ladies took to the streets to fight wage cuts. (The young ladies considered theiraction a turn out.) But it was futile. Frantically poor outsiders were starting toarrive in the United States from Europe. To win a living, they were happy to acknowledge lowwages and poor working conditions. After a short time, settler ladies supplanted theYankee (American) ranch young ladies. To numerous individuals, it was evident that equity for breadwinners would not come without any problem. Work in America confronted a long, daunting task to win reasonable treatment. In that battle, moreand more specialists would go to worker's guilds to support their motivation. They would endureviolence, remorselessness and harsh thrashings. In any case, in the end they would accomplish a standard ofliving obscure to laborers at some other time ever. Development OF THE FACTORYIn pilgrim America, most assembling was finished by submit the home. Some wasdone in workshops connected to the home. As towns developed into urban areas, the interest formanufactured merchandise expanded. Some workshop proprietors started employing assistants to increaseproduction. Relations between the business and aide were commonly agreeable. They worked one next to the other, had similar interests and held comparable political perspectives. The processing plant framework that started around 1800 brought extraordinary changes. The employerno longer worked next to his representatives. He turned into an official and a merchantwho once in a while observed his laborers. He was concerned less with their government assistance than with thecost of their work. Numerous specialists were irate about the progressions brought by thefactory framework. Before, they had invested wholeheartedly in their workmanship aptitudes; nowmachines did for all intents and purposes all the work, and they were diminished to the status of commonlaborers. In terrible occasions they could lose their positions. At that point they may be supplanted byworkers who might acknowledge lower compensation. To talented art laborers, the IndustrialRevolution implied debasement instead of progress. Line by Line Analysis of The Road Not Taken EssayThe following day 600 minute men showed up from Philadelphia. They were requested to clear the tracks at thefreight yard. The warriors progressed toward the group and shooting emitted. In the fallout, 20people in the group lay dead. A lot more were injured. Updates on the killings activated revolting andfires in the Pittsburgh railyards. President Rutherford Hayes requested government troops to Pittsburgh toend horde viciousness. At the point when they showed up, the battling had finished. In the smoking remnants, theyfound the disaster areas of in excess of 2,000 railroad vehicles. Many structures lay in cinders. Numerous strikers were sent to prison and others lost their positions. An enormous piece of the general population was stunned bythe viciousness in Pittsburgh and different urban areas. A few people were persuaded that excavators, railroadworkers and different workers were basic hoodlums. Assemblies in numerous states passed newconspiracy laws planned for smothering work. Be that as it may, the Great Railway Strike of 1877 helped theworkers somehow or another. A couple of railways reclaimed the pay cuts they had requested. More importantwas the help given to the strike by diggers, iron laborers and others. It invigorated work an awarenessof its and solidarity. KNIGHTS OF LABORThe Railway Strike drove numerous specialists to join a developing national work association. It had a grandnamethe Noble and Holy Order of the Knights of Labor. It was established in 1869 by a little groupof Philadelphia garments laborers. Their association had been not able to arrange adequately. The reason,they accepted, was that its individuals were too notable. Bosses terminated them and afterward put theirnames on a boycott. Different businesses would not employ anybody whose name showed up on the rundown. The article of clothing laborers arrived at two conclusions:Secrecy was expected to ensure endorsers against business spies. Work associations would fall flat on the off chance that they were partitioned into independent specialty associations. Rather, work shouldbe sorted out in one major association of both gifted and untalented laborers. Participation in the Knights of Labor was available to breadwinners more than 18 years old in any case ofrace, sex or ability. New individuals needed to make a vow of mystery. They swore that they wouldnever uncover the name of the request or the names of its individuals. The program of the Knights of Labor required: an eight-hour working day, laws building up aminimum week by week wage, the utilization of mediation instead of strikes to settle questions, laws to protectthe wellbeing and security of mechanical specialists, equivalent compensation for equivalent work, a conclusion to youngster work under14 years old and government responsibility for, broadcasts and phones. It was incomprehensible for the Knights to work in complete mystery. Gossipy tidbits about their activitiesreached the press. News stories typically overstated the quality of the request. Underpressure from general sentiment, the Knights started to work straightforwardly. Be that as it may, they were still forbiddento uncover the name of any part to a business. Enrollment in the Knights expanded gradually. By 1884, the request had just 52,000 individuals. Butthat year laborers drove by Knights of Labor coordinators protested against two major railroadcompanies. The two strikes finished in complete triumphs for the Knights. Presently laborers everywhererushed to join the request. Inside two years participation in the Knights rose to 150,000. Newspaperswarned their perusers about the intensity of the Knights. One of them stated, Their pioneers can shutmost of the plants and industrial facilities, and incapacitate the railways. Numerous individuals related the request withdangerous radicals. Later railroad strikes by the Knights met with rout. The request was not so incredible as ithad appeared. Laborers started to leave it in extraordinary numbers. Inside 10 years of its most noteworthy victories,the Knights of Labor crumbled.

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Nurses Shortage Definition Aspects and Solutions

Medical attendants Shortage Definition Aspects and Solutions Social insurance perseveres to confront a groundbreaking deficiency of enlisted medical caretakers. This is an old emergency and keeps on being a risk to nursing vocation. There are a lot of studies done to discover the purposes for the nursing deficiency. In addition, it is a worldwide issue. Nursing instruction, nursing maintenance perilous work place, complex quality improvement and patient security, low medical caretakers salary and entangled enrollment necessities. Every one of these elements impact medical caretakers deficiency around the world. The point of this paper is to talk about and dissect worldwide medical attendants deficiency and feature the causes and arrangements with a proposal to manage attendants lack in medicinal services frameworks. Improvement of Nurses Shortage Sophen (1954) found that medical caretakers lack in the United States began 1932-1953 when the quantity of emergency clinics changed practically nothing, however the quantity of beds expanded 52% more and this builds attendants deficiency because of the inclusion need (Sophen, 1954). Thirty three years after the fact, Aiken noticed that the enactment and decreasing outcome on medical attendants compensations when different callings pay rates were expanding, affecting medical attendants to leave the profession. (Aiken, 2007). During the 1990s, the medical attendants deficiency was 11% of full time enlisted medical attendants, by 1992, the medical attendants lack died down and nurture gracefully was certain. In 1997, emergency clinics began to feel weight of medical attendants opportunity rate 13%. Be that as it may, this time deficiency has not moved away and remains a theme hard to explain. (Rebekah, Kathreen 2009). WHO gathered information of medical caretakers, populace proportions in WHO locales: The Americas, Europe, Eastern Mediterranean, Africa, South East Asia, and Western pacific. The information investigation shows that in Africa and South East Asia, the proportion decreases, while the most noteworthy proportion was in Europe districts as it is right around multiple times more than the lower areas. (WHO, 2006). An examination directed in the United States by Buerhaus and his universities in 2007 and found that in 2020 the country will be shy of 76,000.00 medical caretakers, just as, he expressed that, this attendants lack may close down the vast majority of the framework and cause care to be proportioned. (Buerhaus, 2008). The low incomparable number of existing medical caretakers in numerous nations is blended by troubles with their geographic conveyances or complexities in selecting and holding attendants. This is an attribute of both created and creating nations. Meaning of the Shortage of Nurses What is lack of nursing? Lack of medical attendants can be characterized in two distinct methods. To start with, proficient gauges when the quantity of medical caretakers isn't sufficient to give high caliber of care. In any case, chairmen neglect to decide the amount of medical caretakers expected to give the high caliber of care. (Goldfarbetat, 2008). Second, in monetary terms, attendants deficiency presents when there are insufficient number of medical caretakers to give the best quality principles and no reserve to gracefully to open extra positions. Along these lines, meaning of medical caretakers deficiency is troublesome and complex. (Rebekah, Abrahamson, 2009). A various definition which is increasingly down to earth with the truth found by Bachnan, characterized the nursing lack isn't by attendants number however how the wellbeing framework capacities to encourage medical caretakers to utilize their abilities adequately. (Buchan, 2008). Nursing Education and Shortage Raising interest of Baccalaureate and graduate arranged medical attendants passes on medical caretakers lack. The National Advisory Council on Nursing Education and Practice (NACEP) is proposing at any rate two-third of the attendants work power hold a baccalaureate or higher degrees in nursing by 2010. (NACEP, 2004). As indicated by American Association of College of Nursing, proficient medical attendants must be set up at the baccalaureate level to ward meet creating wellbeing vocation requires. (AACN, 2005). Proficient advancement alludes to contemplate commitment to proceed with unmistakable aptitude levels and vocation path. This guarantees medical caretakers aptitudes and information are update and appropriate. (Lannon, 2007). Each attendant should assume liability for individual, proficient turn of events. This will upgrade nature of care and keep up mechanical and logical changes that are happening in human services sitting. Be that as it may, the social insurance frameworks are not helping medical attendants for instruction advancement and this keeps the medical caretakers a long way from the basic calling improvement. (Copper, 2009). As indicated by American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN, 2005), over 32,000.00 qualified competitors were dismissed to baccalaureate and graduate program because of the absence of experienced workforce in 2004,which methods deficiency in nursing staff. (Evans, 2009). The long terms arrangement is to build the pool of baccalaureate medical caretakers who can get the alumni instruction required for different jobs like staff. (Aiken, 2008). Then again, medical attendants will endure looking for higher degree in nursing instruction, on account of the energizing and monetarily compensating beat open doors for the board positions. (Curtin, 2008). According to an examination done in the United States by Westphal, presumed that medical caretakers pioneers turnover causes attendants lack in enrolled medical caretakers at emergency clinics. Along these lines, it is educated to decrease turnover regarding medical caretaker pioneers. (Westphal, 2009). The Impact of Workplace in Nursing Shortage Nursing work is horrendous while other expert options are open. Notwithstanding, it is trying to battle for the decision of calling which isn't effective to adjust monetarily for this day by day strain. (Kaestner, 2005). Move work nature makes physical harm medical attendants and effect attendants drag out presence in the calling. As per cooper (2003), Registered medical caretakers encountering the physical, subjective and enthusiastic difficulties of becoming more seasoned while the calling requests more. Likewise, working night and night shifts impact nurture execution and way of life which propel numerous medical attendants to move into outside emergency clinic sitting. (Rebekah Abrahamson 2009). Just as, the new innovations into nursing day by day work include a weight and increment medical caretakers outstanding task at hand and lessen the time attendants need to go through with the patient and influenced the capacity to recognize inconveniences early. (Beurhaus, 2008). Moreover, medical attendants felt extra worry because of the possibility that on the off chance that they submit a mistake, punishing move may be made against them. As realized that the medical attendants are answerable for guaranteeing tolerant security without sufficient dynamic position or fair salary. (Rebekah Abrhamson, 2009). Quality Question In 1998, the social insurance quality and wellbeing began to occur, pioneers saw the solid connection among nursing and patient result and acknowledged attendants lack. In this manner, the pioneers perceive the need to settle nursing lack and as are sufficient size of medical caretakers or they will see quality endure and low patients administrations. (Buerhaus, 2008). Subsequently, connecting nature of care with sufficient stuff will move medical caretakers from the cost class toward accepting favorable position, which will prompt increment wages and progress practice condition (Elgie, 2007) Enlistment and Retention Global enlistment require extraordinary consideration, where an association in one nation initiates attendants from another nation. This has been mounting normal for worldwide nursing work markets, as created nations use elements to pull in medical caretakers in creating nations. (WHO, 2006). These variables contain low salary, poor vocation design; decrease chance for additional, training in certain nations risk of viciousness. The hazard is that activity may very well unstick the lack to another nation, which may have less assets to explain it. (Aike of Buchan 2008). Medical caretakers are pulled in to work and stay working due to the odds to extend expertly to increases independence, and offer in dynamic while being sensibly compensated. (Buchan, 2000). Perspectives connected to workplace are basic, just as some proof that a decentralized style of the board, adaptable business openings, and access to continuous expert advancement can improve both the maintenance of nursing stuff level patient consideration. (Aiken, 2008). UAE and Nursing Shortage 3% of the UAE nationals are medical caretakers. In spite of the fact that this rate is low to UAE medical clinics needs, the UAE populace are not propelled to study and work in nursing calling. (Khan, 2006). Then again, the reason being far of nursing calling, least nursing training foundation when contrasted with other forte and the idea of social qualities (Underwood, 2010). UAE service of wellbeing in the process to open new instruction establishments which will be accessible in all emirates, just as, the new committee of nursing which began looking at medical attendants aptitudes by licensure assessment (Underwood, 2010). End There is specific or all inclusive measure or portrayal of nursing deficiency, albeit, clear proof of lacking nursing assets in a few nations, alongside, proof of poor endeavor of reachable nursing assets in some more. Numerous nations should expand and bolster their work power advancement limit crossways callings and guidelines to perceive the abilities duty expected to meet recognized administrations necessity. Besides, this is halfway about expanded term coalition between instruction advancement, work place condition improvement, quality improved and subsidized interest. Also, improving routine coordinating of attendants setting up with remaining task at hand and keep up balance between medical attendants work and individual life. Wellbeing frameworks need to take a shot at viable aptitude blend through leeway of jobs and better harmony of enrolled attendants, charge medical attendants, help attendants, doctors and wellbeing experts, so as to tackle nursing lack issue.

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3 Questions Amazons CEO Asks Before Hiring Anyone

3 Questions Amazons CEO Asks Before Hiring Anyone If you were asked to name the five biggest internet-related companies, Amazon would certainly be one of them. It would comfortably feature among the likes of Google and Facebook.But still, Amazon is a bit different.There is something about it that is quite unique. In fact, so unique that the founder, Jeff Bezos, has been catapulted to the position of the richest man on earth.You may know Amazon, also known as, Inc, as the online store that has been keeping the Walmart leadership awake. Or as the company with over 560,000 employees worldwide.You may know it as the company that started small, in a garage, and expanded to a 37-story office building which includes six stories of underground parking with 1,064 spaces. Amazon is simply a great success story.And how did it get there?It is common for startups to struggle.Some manage to get off the ground and become established while others go down in their first 3 years. It can be the saddest thing for an entrepreneur but those wh o know better, do not give up.It happens that for Amazon, success has been brought about by a very simple philosophy. It is all about getting the best people to work in the company.You may think that this is obvious, until you get a closer look at how they do it.And for you to truly appreciate the uniqueness of their mode of hiring, just consider some of the things Amazon has managed to do.AMAZON’S GROWTH TRACKFounded in 1994, it started as an online bookstore. It grew to register enough confidence to the point of raising $54 million in the company’s IPO. The shares were going for $18 each. This IPO came just three years after being founded.Seeking to grow further, it acquired IMDB, an online database for movies, TV and video games. This was in 1998, one year after the IPO.Amazon would soon venture into an area that would bring them massive profits later. Between 2002 and 2006, they worked on various technologies for virtual service. Though initially designed for the company’s storage needs, growth had already been foreseen.With a massive computing infrastructure, the possibility of selling out virtual servers was embraced. And after more work on the platform, several services came into existence.These include the Amazon Web Service (AWS) which brought in $17.4 billion in 2017. Other technologies developed to establish the AWS were the Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS) and Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).Somewhere between this time, in 2004, Amazon ventured into the Chinese market. It did this by acquiring an e-commerce website called, this website was an online bookstore, exactly what Amazon was, before becoming big. Is it that Bezos loved books?In 2007, Amazon decided to help authors self-publish their books. This was through a service called CreateSpace. The service later merged with KDP.Still in this year, Amazon Fresh, Amazon Music and Amazon Kindle were launched.In 2009, Amazon bought Zappos for $1.2 billion.In 2011 , it bought a DVD rental service based in the UK. It was previously called Lovefilm but later got renamed to Amazon Video. The same year saw the Amazon Appstore for android launched. Still, Kindle Fire was released selling at $199.2013 saw the buying of book-reading and reviewing site Goodreads then later an expansion into India. Amazon Echo is released in 2014 as a food delivery service is introduced in 2015 for Amazon Prime customers.In 2015, Whole Foods was acquired for $13.7 billion.And the growth is ongoing. 2018 saw the expansion of Amazon into Turkey. These are just some of the more notable accomplishments which Amazon proudly wears like a badge.If you were told that these were only possible because of having the right people, you wouldn’t doubt that those were really the right people. And how does Amazon know who the right people are?Find out below.3 QUESTIONS TO AN AMAZON JOBAccording to Jeff Bezos, it’s pretty easy to know the right person.All the hiring criteria emplo yed by big companies don’t work. Only three questions do.1. Will you admire this person?According to a 1998 letter by Jeff Bezos to shareholders, he has tried to only work with the people he admires. He reasons that these are the people you are able to learn something from. As weird as this hiring rule sounds, the reasoning behind it is actually accurate.This reasoning introduces a very different way of looking at things. Think about it for a moment.Amazon is one of the biggest companies in the world, whether you look at it from the revenue perspective or number of employees. That means that it is a successful company.As such, many people will definitely want to work there.Consider also that there are over 6 million unemployed Americans and this company is still growing. Won’t people be attracted to the company?Yet the company wants people it is attracted to. People it admires, not the people who admire it.How this works can seem confusing until you understand that the company s eeks to always set the bar high. High in this case is relative. Not relative because there are no known heights, but relative because the heights keep going higher.If the last employee to be hired raised the bar high, then the next one should take it even higher.   And this is mentioned in the second question that is asked before hiring anyone.2. Will this person raise the average level of effectiveness of the group they are entering?Jeff Bezos is aware of the sobering truth that as a company grows bigger, managing it can start becoming a challenge. And so to ensure he stays ahead of the challenge, he hires only the people who will add a measure of effectiveness to the company.You can bet that the questions asked to find out one’s qualification are tough. Or looking at it from a different perspective, the kind of explanation and proof that one gives must be very convincing in order to be hired.According to the letter, an employee should look at the rising standards and say, “The standards are so high now boy, I’m glad I got in when I did!”And all this is intended to counter entropy. The company should never fall apart. The quality of service should never deteriorate. If it does, even a little, then the company starts losing its grip.And this grip has held until today. The company has grown to have more than half a million employees.If this philosophy wasn’t working, we wouldn’t know Amazon for what it is today.3. Along what dimension might this person be a superstar?This is where Bezos tries to be balanced. This question helps identify people with unique talents, even though the talents may not even be work-related.The intention? Make work more fun.He gives a case of someone hired who was a former National Spelling Bee champion. Obviously, Amazon is not in the manuscript editing business so how is this important?In the same letter, he says it can be a lot of fun to meet this employee and present an out-of-the-blues challenge. If he can throw an un expected challenge like “onomatopoeia!” at her and see her response, that lightens the mood of both.When people with unique skills and talents form the workforce, the work environment is enriched.This comes out clearly when in meetings. These are the people who will have very different perspectives. They can therefore present you with very unique solutions to the problems at hand.And isn’t Amazon known to come up with innovative solutions?A careful consideration of the growth experienced by this retail and tech giant testifies to this.All the acquisitions and adaptive changes prove that the company manages to stay ahead of the times and the competition.OTHER THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT AMAZONAnd if you think that this is all you can learn from Amazon, you are wrong.There are some key drivers behind the reasoning. Some of the things going on behind the scenes might also shock you.Hiring is the most important thingThe reason behind the three considerations by Amazons hiring t eams is not just a hiring philosophy. It is because the company holds this task as the most important one over all.Obviously, this is second to customer satisfaction as discussed below.For most companies, the hiring process is actually taken to be some sort of a liability. But for Amazon, it is an investment step. For those seeing it as a liability, they focus on efficiency in the process.The right candidate has to hired quickly. This requirement is further justified by the need to fill the vacancy as quickly as possible. They are simply in a hurry to continue with the business.Whereas this kind of efficiency is a good thing, you can definitely see the big difference that it brings in the results. When others are seeking to getting the right employee, Amazon seeks to hire the best.There is a downside to setting the standard very high. For example, what happens when all the interviewees fall short of reaching the “ceiling” of expectation?Most employers will tell you that they emp loy the best from those they have interviewed. Bezos however says he would rather interview 50 people but hire none instead of hiring the wrong person.This means it could possibly take longer to hire but the new employee will arguably be the best out there.Amazon is obsessed about customersSomething else that will help you understand this unconventional hiring practice is knowing that Amazon is obsessed over customers. And that is very different from just being customer-minded.All businesses want to satisfy their customers’ needs. They create relationships through different means all in an effort to cater to the needs of those who keep their businesses alive. It is really about that age-old phrase that the customer is king.That means the customers have the final say. But being obsessed takes things quite further than that. If you are obsessed with something, that thing takes a very huge part of your mind. You probably live for that one thing.From the management-level reasoning to the innovations at Amazon, everything is geared towards making the customer pleased. It is this obsession that makes the company think ahead in a way that somehow keeps others following.Starting off as an internet company when the internet was only catching up, Bezos had one thing in mind.He wanted to dive in before it was too late so as to avoid regretting that he didn’t do it earlier. And from then on, that has been the model of reasoning.With an obsession, fear is usually lurking around. This is subtly evident in that Bezos was afraid of regretting that he hadn’t taken the leap when the opportunity presented itself.And so even now, Amazon is afraid that if they don’t innovate enough, please the customer enough and do many other things enough, customers may leave. Or a competitor may overtake themâ€"which will still lead to customers leaving.The obsession? “We must keep the customers, and even get more,” says Amazon.Internal competitionIf you thought that hiring is the o nly test that a new employee needs to pass, please read on. Working at Amazon is quite an experience. And according to some past employees, the experience is unfortunately not the very best (all things considered).Employees are busy and the kind of great work environments that tech giants provide for their employees is not part of Amazon’s work philosophy. Amazon is certainly a wealthy company but you will be surprised at what they say about spending.Amazon believes that being frugal makes people resourceful and self-sufficient. This simply means there are no ‘unnecessary’ treats and perks as expected from a deep-pocketed employer.In meetings, the staff are encouraged to tear down ideas and challenge decisions. This is an effort to come up with the best decision for the company.Some former employees however say this bred fear of airing thoughts and opinions in some. That is expected, especially since human beings would rather talk freely in an environment they feel safe to exp ress themselves.Employees are encouraged to give opinions about anything and everything. Every morning before starting work, they answer at least one question about work. This is a HR program called Connections intending to help the company understand its huge workforce.Some employees however didn’t trust the anonymity of the answers while it was said that some managers weren’t always sure how to use the data.More positively though, they launched an employee-empowerment program called Forte. It is a review system though it focuses on the strengths of employees.This is to help managers nurture and groom those strengths so the employees can achieve their goals.RESULTS OF THE HIRING PHILOSOPHYThe competition is not relenting. Walmart is obviously not happy that Amazon’s presence in the retail industry. Suppliers have also felt the tightening grip of Amazon. Employees have complained of not-so-good working environments.These and many other negative reviews are publicly available. Yet, the mighty long river keeps expanding beyond the traditional river banks.Could a flood be coming soon? There are at least three things the company can proudly declare from the rooftops. Depending on where you stand, these are definitely arguable. But there are facts supporting them.Amazon has great talentThis cannot be disputed. Everyone knows that Google has very powerful algorithms which it leverages to give relevant search results.Also, a considerable amount of its power comes from the fact that they have a lot of personal data coming from those searches which basically give them insights into people.But for an online bookstore to stock almost everything, offer the biggest cloud computing platform and even venture into smart home technology, there is no denying that the hiring process gets the best.The brains behind the success of these projects tell it all.Amazon has high revenuesIf you are in business, you know very well that the bottomline is what matters. No matter how g ood a product you are offering is, if you can’t sell it, you are doomed. If you sell it but fail to make profits, you are still doomed.Amazon’s revenue is what makes it a real giant. For the past ten years, the company’s revenue has been going up from $14.835 billion in 2007 to $177.866 billion in 2017.As of early November 2018, Amazon’s market capitalization was over $803 billion.Numbers don’t lie.The founder is the richest man on earthFor some time, the whole world knew that the richest man in the world was Microsoft’s founder Bill Gates. He was however overtaken in 2017 by none other than the founder of the company discussed here.In 2018, Bezos maintained the number 1 position in the Forbes list of billionaires.Again, numbers do not lie.CONCLUSIONYou won’t be blamed if you took this hiring philosophy with a grain of salt.This is especially so if you consider what can happen to the employees long-term.But if the company’s financial muscles are anything to go by, th en you might consider picking something from this.

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Racial Profiling Discrimination by the Law Research - 275 Words

Racial Profiling: Discrimination by the Law Research (Essay Sample) Content: RACIAL PROFILINGStudent name:Professor's name:Course Title:Date:Institution:In simple words, racial profiling can be described as a practice where there is discrimination by the law enforcement officials. It happens when individuals are targeted as suspects of crime based on their ethnicity, race religion or even the national origin. In most cases the criminal profiling is practiced by the police. Criminal profiling is a part of the racial profiling which can also be described as the associating a group of individual with certain crimes. An example of the racial profiling is the use of the race in determining the type of the drivers stopped for minor traffic violations. Commonly referred to as driving while black or brown. It can also be applied to use race in determining the pedestrians searched for illegal contraband. On the September 11th, 2001 attacks racial profiling was experienced whereby the Muslims, Arabs, and the South Asians were targeted for the detention of minor immigrants violations even though there was no relation to the attacks on the World Trade Center or well known as the Pentagon. (Bahdi, Marcuse British Columbia Civil Liberties Association, (2010)Law enforcement agents are the persons acting in the capacity of the policing either for public or the private purposes. The may include the security guards at the departmental store, police officers, airport security officials or even the pilots of airlines who have recently ordered the passengers to alight from that place flights since the passengers ethnicity aroused the suspicion. The above-stated law enforcement agents have been on the top of the lists of those accused of the racial profiling.The history of the racial profiling dates backs to the slavery. Back in 1963, the Philadelphia's courts officials gave legal authority to the police to stop and even detain any Negro either freed or enslaved that was seen wandering around the streets. This discriminatory practice of rac ial profiling continued through the era of Jim Crow. In the present century (twenty-first-century), racial profiling is still a prevalent issue especially in the cities across the United States. (Hirschmann, 2006).In 1996, a ruling was made in the U.S Supreme Court that the racial profiling is constitutional if there is absence data that similarly situate defendants of a different race was to be treated differently. Supporters of the racial profiling defend this practice by putting much emphasis on the control model. The claim that the practice is ideal and even efficient since it utilizes the laws of probability in determining one's criminality. The systems focus on controlling crime since it has a swift judgment that bestows full discretion o the police when it comes to handling whatever they perceive to be a threat to the society. (Jack Glaser. 2014)The support and the use of the racial profiling have in the recent years risen mainly in the North America due to the heightened aw areness and tensions that followed the events of 9/11. From this, the issue of the racial profiling created a debate that the centers on the values of equality and self-defense. Supporters of the racial profiling uphold Te stance that the sacrifices of any kind must be made in an effort of maintaining the national safety if even if it means differential treatment (racial profiling). According to a survey by Rasmussen done in 2011, the majority of Americans find racial profiling necessary in the society today. (Pampel, 2014).On the other hand, social profiling also has got criticism. The critic of the racial profiling always argues that there is a violation of individual rights of a suspect whenever race is a factor in the suspicion of the criminal activities. There civil liberties organizations such as the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) that have stood by the voice that social profiling is a form of discrimination. They state so explicitly that discrimination based on ethnic ity, race, religion or even nationality or even another particular identity is a best described as undermining the fundamental human rights and freedoms entitled to every person. Conversely, those that oppose the policing tactics employ the teaching of the due process model. They argue that the minorities are subject to the unjust treatment since they are not guaranteed equal rights. They also argue that when there is singling out individuals by ethnicity, there is usually a violation of the Rule of Law. (Jack Glaser. 2014)Racial profiling does not only occur in the streets but also in very many public institutions. However racial profiling is rampant in the law enforcement where this type of behavior risks the types of most of the innocent people. In most scholarly journals it has been stated that in the last thirty years, the use of the demographic and the racial profiling by the higher law enforcers and the local authorities are continuing to proceed with the police being cited a s the users of the racial profiling more often.The public opinion also signif...